List of ACT Menopause Doctors

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ACT Menopause Doctors
Jody Allen
List of ACT Menopause Doctors

We have collated a list of the Medical Doctors in the ACT that specialise in Menopause and Perimenopause and the treatments for mature age women. We will be updating this list all the time, so please bookmark and check back often for updates.

ACT Menopause Doctors

Canberra Menopause Doctors:

Barton Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Julie Quinlivan, Barton Gynaecology, (02) 6152 8998
  • Dr Kristine Powell, Barton General Practice, (02) 6210 5020
  • Dr Kristi Bateman, Capital Hill Medical, (02) 6273 7175

Canberra CBD Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Rosa O'Kane, Menopause Centre, (02) 6247 3077

Deakin Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Elizabeth Gallagher, Specialised Services Medical Group, (02) 6162 1649
  • Dr Huda Younis, John James Medical Centre, (02) 6162 3030
  • Dr Annie Lim, Annie Lim Family Practice, (02) 6162 0463
  • Dr Sumi Saha, Joy Women's Health, (02) 6113 9080

Franklin Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Iranthi De Silva, Sian Medical Family Practice, (02) 6106 9166

Greenway Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Sunitha Varadarajan, Greenway Medical Centre, (02) 6100 9956

Watson Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Lynda Newman, Watson Medical Practice, (02) 6248 7005

List of ACT Menopause Clinics:

Canberra Menopause Centre

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Wellfemme is a telehealth-only menopause clinic based in the ACT

Ph: (02) 6179 8724

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