We Investigate the Best Kegal Toners On the Market in Australia

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We Investigate the Best Kegel Toners on the Market in Australia

Childbirth is pretty damn destructive to the female body.  It stretches our stomach, leaving red angry stretchmarks, it turns our once pert jiggly breasts into windsocks big enough to land a 747, and it stretches our pelvic floor muscles, meaning we have to clench our legs to sneeze, and to avoid all trampolines.

And although we wouldn’t swap our gorgeous children for our neat firm bodies we had before, it doesn’t have to be like that forever.  And our pelvic floor is something that we can work on in the privacy of our own homes.  Especially now that there are so many amazing products available that can help strengthen those muscles. But apart from sneezing - why else would we even WANT to tighten our pelvic floor?

Fun Fact:

The word 'Kegel' comes from the inventor of the first Kegel Exerciser. Dr Arnold Kegel (born 1894) was an American Gynecologist who saw that his patients pelvic floor muscles were weakened by childbirth. Dr Kegel did 18 years worth of research into finding ways to strengthen these muscles and published his scientific research called 'A nonsurgical Method of Increasing the Tone of Sphincters and Their Supporting Structures' in 1942.

The paper noted that patients who exercised their pelvic floor with resistive exercises showed vast improvement in urinary incontinence problems after just four weeks.

Excellent Reasons to Work On Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

1. A Tight Pelvic Floor Enhances Sex

Yes the most important reason is right up the top.  A toned pelvic floor optimises the blood flow in your genital area that will help you reach orgasm more easily.  So if sex is getting a bit hoo-hum because you are struggling to orgasm, the first port of call is to start getting those kegels nice and strong!

2. Strong Kegels Will Assist with Urinary Incontinence

Most women will have a bit of trouble with urinary incontinenance after having children.  It can be as little as being scared to sneeze, or can involve having to wear incontinence pads to catch any leaky urine.  But by toning those muscles, it will help keep the urine in when you don’t want it out!

3. A Strong Pelvic Floor Can stop Organ or Vaginal Prolapse

Prolapse is where your insides leak outside the body because the ‘basket’ which is your pelvic floor muscles can’t hold them in.  This is a serious condition that needs urgent medical attention.

Now that we know why we should have good strong pelvic floor muscles, let’s look at the best products on the market to fix it!

1. The Elvie Kegel Exercise Tracker

If you want to ‘gameify’ strengthening your pelvic floor, then the Elvie App Controlled Floor Trainer is for you! The app allows you to track your progress to really see your pelvic floor getting strong. 

How the Elvie App Controlled Pelvic Floor Trainer Works:

You insert the Kegel Exerciser into the vagina and start the app. As you squeeze your vagina down onto the exerciser, a gem on the screen of the app will ‘lift’ in response to the strength of the contraction.   

The app has four levels to progress through: Training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Elvie has won more than 13 awards and has been recommended by over 1000 health professionals.  The Elvie Kegel Exercise Tracker is compatible with Android and iOS.

2. The Perifit Kegel Exerciser with App

I have personally used and reviewed the Perifit a few versions ago, and it was an incredible device then.. But the earlier version of  the ‘probe’ was very intimidating as it looked like a medical device (well it is really).  Now, it is less ‘I’m about to give you a pap-smear ’ and more ‘fun fun vibrator’.  It now comes in fun pastel colours and a much more ergonimic and inviting, which is important, it is an intimate item at the end of the day.

The new Perifit and the Elvie are pretty similar.  They both use apps to ‘gameify’ getting your kegels buff. 

The Perifit is the more affordable option, and it also offers six unique exercise programs to work through.  What I do love about the Perifit is that it identifies inaccurate kegel exercises.  Because they are tricky muscles to exercise correctly, and almost 30% of us are getting it wrong which is a waste of time and can be potentially damaging.

The Perifit fixes this problem as it has a unique double-pressure-sensor to identify ‘false contractions’.

2. Intimina Kegelsmart 2 Rechargeable Kegel Exerciser

Step up your intimate fitness with this unique pelvic floor trainer from Intima. Developed with gynaecologists and made with the smoothest medical-grade ABS silicone, the device uses touch sensors to register your pelvic strength and determine your exercise level, while its intelligent biofeedback program will automatically adjust the level as your strength improves over time. The guided exercises can help with bladder control, enhanced sexual sensitivity, and regaining post-birth vaginal tightness.

Use it with a good quality lubricant to make your kegel exercises more comfortable.

Intimina Kegelsmart 2 Rechargeable Kegel Exceciser
The Intimina Kegelsmart 2 Rechargeable Kegel Exerciser

3. Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set

If the price of the first couple of kegel exercisers scare you (and yes, they are expensive) - then there are multiple affordable options available.  And this happens to be my favourite budget pick.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Kegel Training Set contains a set of six progressively weighted kegal balls that you insert into the vagina and contract your kegels to keep the weights in place.  As your kegals get stronger, you increase the weight.  

Made from medical grade silicone that is also hypoallergenic, these weights are safe, private and affordable.

4. Ben Wa Balls

Price: From $13.45

Stockist: Lovehoney Australia

Funny name - but seriously ball-sy!  Ben Wa Balls are also known  as ‘orgasm balls' or 'Venus Balls'. They consist of two marble-sized balls, that are hollow and contain a small weight that rolls around as the wearer moves.

Ben Wa balls require the vagina's 'pubococcygeus muscles' to hold them in, which in turn strengthens the pelvic floor basket. Ben Wa Balls can create a vibration with the weights moving around which can be sexually stimulating. So in short - they are fun to wear!

Traditionally, Ben Wa balls were made from quartz, but more modern versions are made from medical grade silicone, metal or glass. It is recommended that Ben Wa Balls only be inserted for a maximum period of six hours per session.


There are so many benefits for making your pelvic floor strong. And doing your kegels only takes a few minutes per day. So make YOU a priority and make time to have strong a strong pelvic floor!

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