Will I be Happy Again After Menopause?

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Happy Again After Menopause
Jody Allen
Mental health issues, depression and sleep disorders are all symptoms of Menopause. Many women in Perimenopause or who have reached Menopause, report that they aren't happy. But is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will I be happy again after menopause?

Alright, ladies, gather around. Let's have a heart-to-heart about this whole menopause business. Between you and me, it's had us throwing our bras into the freezer and fanatically checking for those sneaky grey hairs, hasn't it? Some might say it's Mother Nature's quirky little prank, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But the golden question is:

Once we’ve ridden the menopause roller coaster, will we find ourselves back in the land of happy?

Will I be Happy Again After Menopause

The Myth of the Menopausal Mood

First things first, there's this idea that once a woman hits menopause, she’s forever transformed into a grouchy, heat-flushed witch. But let's be honest: Were we all sweetness and roses before? Everyone has their days, menopause or not!

So maybe we become a bit 'Witchy' for awhile - but it's certainly not forever. And treatments such as HRT can certainly help with that!

The Upside of The "Change"

Yes, there's an upside! No more surprise periods. No more tampon emergencies. No more "Oops, I need to change my white skirt!" moments. And, while some might mourn the loss of fertility, others throw a "No More Periods Party."  It's all about perspective!

Embracing a New Chapter

It’s like leveling up in the game of life. You've dealt with puberty, periods, perhaps pregnancy, and parenting. Now you're entering a new phase. You've collected wisdom, experiences, and hopefully a fantastic collection of shoes. It's time to wear them and strut into this chapter with confidence.

The Science of Happiness

Studies have shown that people often get happier as they age. Why? Well, they tend to stress less about the small stuff, they have a better sense of who they are, and they value deeper, meaningful connections. So, scientifically speaking, you have every reason to believe happier days are on the horizon!

But What About Those Hormones?

Yes, hormones can play with our moods. But they don't hold the reins to our happiness. We do. Plus, post-menopause, many women report feeling a sense of equilibrium again as their body adjusts. It’s like the hormonal storms have passed, and there’s a lovely calm sea ahead.

Freedom, Sweet Freedom

There’s a certain freedom in this stage of life. The kids might be grown, giving you a newfound independence. It’s time for those things you’ve always put off - travel, hobbies, learning new skills, or perhaps, just some delightful, uninterrupted naps.

Rediscovering Yourself

Who are you beyond the roles you've played? Without the monthly cycle dictating moods or energy levels, many women find it a good time to rediscover themselves. It’s like dating yourself, and guess what? You’re pretty amazing.

The Importance of a Good Laugh

Let’s not underestimate the power of humor. Laughing at the hot flashes, the forgetfulness, or the random chin hair is therapeutic. Find your tribe, those people who can giggle with you, and hold them close. They're golden.

Keeping Things Spicy

Okay, a touchy subject, but let's go there. Intimacy might change, but it doesn't have to fade. With age comes a deeper understanding of your body. Talk with your partner, explore, and remember - intimacy isn't just physical. Emotional closeness can be just as fulfilling.

Health is Wealth

Keep on top of your health. Stay active, eat well, and check in with your doctor regularly. A healthy body supports a happy mind. Dance in your kitchen, take up yoga, or walk with friends. Do what feels good for your soul.

Seeking Sunshine

If you ever feel the blues have settled in for longer than you'd like, reach out. Whether it's therapy, counseling, or just a chat with a dear friend, never hesitate to seek help.

In Conclusion: A Bright Tomorrow

So, will women be happy again after menopause? It’s a resounding YES! Happiness isn’t bound by age or life stages. It's a choice, a mindset, a collection of moments, and relationships. Menopause is just a chapter in the riveting book of YOU. So, turn the pages with anticipation and remember, every age has its joys, challenges, and silver linings. Here's to the many sunny days ahead!

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