How can I lose my menopause belly?

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menopause belly
Jody Allen
Weight gain in the stomach area is one of the main areas of concern for women heading into Menopause. And that 'Menopause Belly' can be extremely hard to shift!

Okay, let’s talk about that belly. You know, the one that seems to have crept up on you during menopause like a stealthy ninja? One day, you're rocking those jeans, and the next? Well, let's just say the button is holding on for dear life. Yep, the "menopause belly" is a real thing, and it's got many of us crying into our ice cream tubs.

But don’t fret! While menopause does bring changes, that belly isn't a life sentence.

Let’s deep dive into some fun and feasible ways to tackle it!

Menopause Belly

1. Why the Menopause Belly, Universe? WHY?

First off, it's not just you. It's biology! During menopause, our estrogen levels dip, and this can influence where our bodies store fat. Instead of those lovely thigh and hip curves, the body thinks the belly is the place to be. Plus, as we age, metabolism takes a vacation, so we burn fewer calories.

Unfair? Totally. Fixable? Absolutely!

2. Move That Booty

Exercise isn't just about getting into those skinny jeans; it's about feeling fabulous too. Now, I'm not saying sign up for a marathon (unless that's your jam!). Start simple:

Aerobic Fun:

Find activities that make your heart happy. Dance like no one's watching, try a Zumba class, or just take long, gossipy walks with friends.

Strength Training:

Remember, muscles are calorie-burning machines. Plus, who doesn’t want to show off those guns?

Flexibility and Balance:

Yoga or Pilates can keep you limber and reduce stress (a sneaky culprit in weight gain).

Menopause Belly

3. Eat Like You Love Yourself

Ditch the diet mindset. Instead, focus on nourishing foods that make you feel amazing.

Fiber-Rich Foods:

Veggies, fruits, legumes, and whole grains keep you full and, let's be real, help with that other menopausal joy – constipation.


It’s not just for gym junkies. Protein helps build and maintain muscle. Think eggs, lean meats, tofu, beans, and lentils.

Healthy Fats:

Avocados, nuts, olive oil – they’re your pals. They help you feel full and are oh-so-yummy.

4. Hydration Nation

Water is your BFF. It helps with digestion, keeps your skin looking fab, and sometimes, we mistake thirst for hunger. So, before reaching for that cookie, maybe have a glass of water (then decide if you still want the cookie, no judgments!).

5. Sleep: It’s Not Just for Babies

We get it, menopause and sleep sometimes mix like oil and water, thanks to night sweats and insomnia. But quality sleep is crucial for weight management. Set a routine, make your bedroom a comfy sanctuary, and consider talking to a doc if sleep evades you.

6. Stress: Kick It to the Curb

Easier said than done, right? But stress can lead to overeating and belly fat. Find what soothes your soul – be it meditation, reading, knitting, or screaming into a pillow (hey, whatever works).

7. Don't Be Shy: Seek Help!

If you're doing all the "right" things and the scale still won't budge, chat with professionals. A nutritionist can help with meal planning, while a personal trainer can customize a workout routine. And never underestimate the power of therapy. Menopause is a HUGE change, and talking it out can be incredibly healing.

8. Celebrate Every Win

Lost a kilo? Dance party! Held a plank for 10 seconds longer? Treat yourself to a spa day. Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination.

In Closing: Love Yo’self!

The menopause belly can be a pain in the... well, belly. But it's essential to remember that self-worth isn't tied to a waist measurement. Every laugh line, gray hair, and yes, even that stubborn belly, tells the story of a life richly lived. So, while it's great to aim for health and fitness, don't forget to love and applaud yourself every step of the way. You're worth it!

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