Why Is There a Shortage of HRT Patches Australia?

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HRT Patch Shortages
Jody Allen
This week I had my very first Menopause Doctor appointment via telehealth. The meeting was excellent, and I was much looking forward to getting onto the HRT patches to start alleviating some of my Perimenopause Symptoms....But then my Doctor said: "There is a shortage of HRT patches in Australia at the moment."

On visiting numerous Menopause and Perimenopause Facebook Groups, all women are screaming the same thing. There are no patches available in Australia.

Instead, Doctors are prescribing the Pump Bottles of Estrogen or Estrogen tablets. But many women report these are not as effective as the menopause patches, and are far more expensive. And considering the cost of living has sky-rocketed in recent months, this is a cost many women just cannot afford.

HRT Patch Shortage

Some examples include:

"Please help….I cannot get my Estradot 100 patches anywhere. My prescription in December for 6 months worth I have been getting in dribs and drabs from chemist as they have been continuously out of stock. I can’t use the alternative patch so whom can I contact to raise this issue? Novartis continue to say there is no shortage….but something is not right!!!

We have a ‘fight’ to get out onto hrt treatment and then we have to ‘fight’ to sustain supplies!

So far I can’t find anyone who can answer these questions? Surely someone somewhere should be the responsible ’owner’ for fixing this shortage!  I can’t be the only person impacted by lack of supplies?


"Anyone in Sydney experiencing shortage of Estradot 50 patches? Can't get them at the moment, out of stock. Any alternative? Oh my gosh! I'll be in a terrible state if I can't get them."


HRT Patch Replacements

But Why is there a shortage of HRT Patches in Australia?

The problem isn't just linked to Australia, there is a worldwide shortage of HRT patches. According to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the problem lies in the manufacturing of the product. However the manufacturer is aware of the worldwide shortage and is working hard to expedite the next shipment.

Supply impact dates state that the estimated date it will be resolved is somewhere in September or October 2023.

The manufacturer advices that generic brands are still available.

Plus the Transdermal Patch Climara Has Been Discontinued

Climara which is a popular HRT patch has also been discontinued. The reasons given are "Commercial Changes / Commercial Viability'.

What Brands of HRT Patches are in Short Supply?

  • Utrogestan
  • Estradot
  • Estalis Continuous
  • Estalis Sequi 50/140 Patches
  • Estraderm MX25
  • Duavive
  • Angeliq

What to Do About the Shortage?

Whilst the shortages are out of our control, perimenopausal women are forced to choose alternative HRT products. Talk to your Doctor or pharmacist to discuss alternatives that may suit you.

So What Now?

As we find more information on the shortages of HRT Patches, we will update this article.


tga.gov.au Medicine Shortages

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