List of Tasmanian Menopause Doctors

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List of Tasmania Menopause Doctors

A list of the Medical Doctors in Tasmania who specialise in Menopause and Perimenopause. We will be adding to this list regularly, so don't forget to bookmark this article and check back regularly.

Tasmanian Menopause Doctors

List of Tasmanian Menopause Doctors:

Hobart Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Jan Batt, Eternal Women's Health, (03) 6220 1350
  • Dr Samantha Wyton, The Bubble Hobart, (03) 6244 3033
  • Dr Tara Kurrajong, The Bubble Hobart, (03) 6244 3033
  • Dr Hannah Chapman, Tas Women, (03) 6214 3333
  • Dr Elena Jackson, Hobart Cardiology & Medical Specialists, (03) 6222 4200
  • Dr Bridget Dickenson, The Bubble Hobart, (03) 6244 3033
  • Dr Emily Ware, Tas OGS, (03) 6214 3333
  • Dr Anna Ritchie, General Practice Plus, (03) 6227 1533
  • Dr Tania Hingston, Eternal Women's Health, (03) 6220 1350
  • Dr Rachael Foster, The Bubble Hobart, (03) 6244 3033
  • Dr Sarah Thompson, The Bubble Hobart, (03) 6244 3033
  • Dr Anna Seth, The Bubble Hobart, (03) 6244 3033
  • Dr Amy Edler, Tas Women, (03) 6214 3333
  • Dr Karen Magraith, Cascade Road General Practice, (03) 6223 5533

Launceston Menopause Doctors:

  • Dr Julie Ostberg, The Bubble Launceston, (03) 6724 3063
  • Dr Felicity Dukes, TasGynae, (03) 6343 0999
  • Dr Natasha Vavrek, The Bubble Launceston, (03) 6724 3063

Tasmanian Menopause Clinics:

Family Planning Tasmania has a Menopause Clinic


  • Glenorchy: (03) 6273 9117
  • Launceston: (03) 6343 4566
  • Burnie: (03) 6431 7692
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