How do you explain menopause to a man?

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Jody Allen
Many Partners are uncomfortable talking about a women's reproductive system.

This doesn't mean that your partners doesn't care, it is just a subject that is awkward for some people. But talking about the changes you are going through is really important. So if you are struggling to get through to your partner, here are some simple tips to help get that line of communication open.

How Do You Explain Menopause to a Man

1. Send Him Some Youtube Shorts or Tik Tok's on Menopause

If your partner is always watching reels, Tik Tok, Youtube Shorts or similar on their phone, send them some of the fantastic Menopause related content available. This type of content is simple and easy for them to consume, and many can watch them in private if they are shy about the topic. Once they have some good quality information under their belt, they may be more confident to talk about your symptoms and what you can do together as a couple.

Here are some Content Creators that speak about Menopause to check out:

2. Ask Your Partner's Input for Easing Symptoms

Organise a quiet, private time with just the two of you where you can speak freely, and can acknowledge each other's feelings. Tell your partner some of the symptoms you are having and see if they have a solution. And ask your partner how they are feeling about any changes and how it makes them feel.

For example, your partner may be worried about a lack of sex drive, but if you are finding sex painful, this could be the reason. Ask your partner what he or she thinks they can do to get around that and have a discussion about a win/win solution. By involving your partner in seeking solutions, they feel like they can help you. And a supportive and loving partner that understands what you are going through.

3. Invite Your Partner to Doctor's and Specialist Appointments

Make your partner just as involved in the Menopause journey as you are. Invite them to your Doctor's appointments. They might decline - and that's okay, but they also might see this is a great way to be more involved. Plus your partner may have noticed symptoms that you haven't, such as irritableness. This won't always be done to menopause, but your partner knows you best.

4. Be Patient and Understanding in the Bedroom

Many men can take rejection in the bedroom very personally. But by working together, and with a bit of patience, sex can be great again. The decline in estrogen in a woman's body can cause the vaginal wall to thin. During sex, the vaginal wall can get very irritated and sex can become painful. On top of this, women's levels of testosterone which aids in increasing libido can also drop.

Ensure you always use a good quality water-based lubricant during sex, and take your time.

There are treatments that can help, including vaginal pessary's that contain estrogen that will make the vagina plump and full of blood or Hormone Replacement Therapy.


Web Md: Guy's Guide to Menopause

How to Explain Menopause to a Partner
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